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  1. For whom is this fund suitable?
  2. I am not working with a financial advisor. Do I pay loads or sales charges?
  3. Which independent rating service best reflects the Fund's style?


For whom is this fund suitable?       

Investors in this fund should be aware of the fund’s long-term capital appreciation focus, and that the fund’s approach may cause it to shift within fund listings such as Morningstar. This fund may be suited to investors who are looking for long-term capital appreciation and are familiar with the risks associated with small and mid sized companies such as those in the MSCI US Small Cap Index.

I am not working with a broker or financial advisor.
Do I pay loads or sales charges?

No. An individual at any time can bypass any load fee by purchasing the Fund directly without a broker or advisor by calling 1-888-839-7424.

Schwab and Scottrade offer the Fund without load or transaction fees. At any time an individual may purchase the fund directly, bypassing any fees associated with an advisor or broker. Please read the prospectus for more information.


Shareholders who are being advised by a broker may waive the sales charges if their purchase is in excess of $1 million, although they will be subject to a contingent sales charge of 1% if they redeem within one year. Class “C” shares have no upfront sales charges, but do have higher on-going expenses. A complete listing of exemptions and reductions in sales charges is available in the Prospectus.

Which independent rating service best reflects the Fund's style?

Morningstar uses the nine style box system and currently rates the Fund’s classification as Mid, Blend. In 2004, the classification was Mid, Value. In 2005, the classification was Mid, Blend, and in 2006, Morningstar classified the Fund as Large, Blend. Morningstar currently classfies the Fund as Mid, Blend (2010). Since the Fund’s strategy is to deliberately move to what we believe are the sweet spots of the market, Morningstar’s system will continue to have difficulty capturing the Fund’s style. Lipper and Standard & Poor’s both have Multi-cap classifications which better represents the “go anywhere” style of the Fund. Unfortunately, neither independent service is as accessible as Morningstar’s service.

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The Empiric Fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses must be considered carefully before investing. The statutory and summary prospectuses contain this and other important information about the investment company and may be obtained by calling (888) 839-7424, or visiting www.empiricfunds.com. Read it carefully before investing. The Empiric Funds are distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC member FINRA. 2096-NLD-8/30/2013